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The bastards at are going to delete the pictures from my blog, unless I pay them (again). Enough reason to come back to my blogspot page, which I like much better anyway!

Posts will be in English from now on, to cater for the more linguistically challenged among my friends (aka native English speakers, or other randoms that don’t speak Dutch). That said, I’d like to ask y’all (you all) for some open-mindedness when I make mistakes in my English, or start mixing Dutch and English. Hey, I’m only human too.

Last Sydney post will follow soon, and of course I will also let you know what it’s like to be back in the Low Lands.
I’m keeping it short now because I am at work. I know it is my last day in the office but still feel like I should at least pretend to be doing some work.

En voor de mensen in Nederland, tot heel binnenkort! Sorry voor de switch naar Engels, maar neem aan dat dat voor jullie geen problemen oplevert, toch?

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