Signs that make you wonder…

Today I saw two signs that made me laugh.

I encountered the first one when I was jogging in Rose Bay, along the posh, plush, green Rose Bay Golf Course:

“Illegal dumping prohibited”

I might just have to run around to the other side of the course tomorrow, because this suggests there might also be a place where it’s “legal dumping prohibited” or maybe even “illegal dumping allowed”.

The second sign was in the Botanical Gardens where I was lazily strolling around in the afternoon. (I am a lady of leisure these days, it’s not bad at all). In the Botanical Gardens you are encouraged to walk on the grass, touch the trees and talk to the birds. But there were two very big trees with a fence around them. The sign said something like: “Please don’t climb over this fence. Branches may drop without warning”. Am I supposed to assume that going near the other trees in the Gardens is safe, because those trees do warn me before they drop a branch?

This is pretty useless info and it won’t win you a trivia night (for that you need to be an expert in American pop culture and Disney movies), but it’s these small things in life that can make me laugh out loud. LOL.

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