Less is more

Who ever thought it was a good idea to write a blog while travelling?! It´s not like I´m Bill Bryson or something. And anyway, I am sure he does a lot of his writing afterwards too.

We are doing so many different things, in so many different places, in such a short period of time, that it´s difficult to remember everything, let alone write something about it. Actually, we´ve found that the only way to deal with everything is drinking a lot of wine. Drinking a lot of wine also helps you get through long, hot afternoons in poor/dirty/boring/chaotic towns. And it really helps you to fall asleep in beds with mattrasses which are older and thinner than your great grandmother.

When we are not drinking wine we are:

– Laughing a lot about things that aren´t necessarily funny
– On a bus
– Lounging on a deserted river beach, where the guys that run the place dash off into the woods with hunting guns
– On a bus
– Admiring the Iguazu waterfalls. There are no words to describe them, go and see them for yourself
– On 3 different buses
– Walking around in the 43 degree heat of Asunción, Paraguay. (I wouldn´t recommend this to anyone, although on the upside, the people are super friendly and everything is dirt cheap)
– On a bus
– At the border bribing our way out of above-mentioned Paraguay because we never got the entry stamp. No entry, no exit, it seems.
– On a bus
– Winning back the bribe money at the casino in Corrientes, playing roulette. (Actually, we were drinking wine and that made us decide to go to the casino…)
– On a bus
– Getting frustrated in Salta, and then very relaxed in Cafayate, a place famous for….it´s vineyards and wine
– On a bus
– Endlessly talking about how cute llamas are, and buying all sorts of llama souvenirs, then finding out that the milanesa (schnitzel) we had for lunch also once used to be a cute llama.
– In a car
– Taking great jump-pictures on the beautiful salt flats ´near´ Salta (pics soon!!)

Three guesses about where we will be tomorrow….

On a bus.

Which will take us to Buenos Aires in just 18 short hours.

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