Dissolving bodies in acid chemicals

I am back in Europe (Spain) and my everyday life here gives me loads of ideas for posts. So why haven´t I written anything since Chile? I don´t really know, but I think it might have something to do with not having my own space. Hostel computer areas are not suitable for thinking, let alone writing. Plus I feel guilty spending time writing blogs because I feel I should be looking for jobs instead.

But good news, I am moving into an apartment tonight! The bad news is that my laptop has a virus or something, so I will have to go to internet cafés until I get it fixed. If you know a computer genius in Barcelona please let me know!

For now, instead of writing about Barcelona, I want to share some fairly bizar news with you. This is the link to an article I found on the Dutch news website www.nu.nl:


If you can´t read Dutch (idiot!), it´s about a Mexican guy in Tijuana that gets paid 460 euro a week to get rid of people that are murdered by drug lords. Ok, nothing special you may think. But he does this by letting the bodies soak in acid chemicals until they are completely dissolved. Kind of smart come to think of it.

Mr. ´Pozolero´ (after a local cooking tradition that uses stewing pots, or pozoles) thinks he dissolved around 300 people this way. Give or take.

When I was travelling by bus from Santiago to Mendoza at the start of my trip I actually saw a movie in which a serial killer did something similar. It makes me wonder whether film makers get their ideas from the real world, or whether real world criminals get their ideas from films. Either way, someone in this world is sick enough to come up with it first.

I´m telling you, watch out for people that got straight A´s in chemistry……

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