Why I bought a one-way ticket to the Netherlands

Yes you are reading this correctly, I bought a ticket Barcelona-Amsterdam, for this Thursday. After all my talk about not wanting to go back and live in Holland it appears that that is exactly what I am going to do.
Two weeks in Barcelona was long enough to make it clear to me that instead of getting excited, I was just feeling…lethargic. I am not blaming the city, I think I have just been away for long enough to finally appreciate that Holland isn’t all that bad. And that my Dutch friends are precious to me and I am really longing to see them and spend time together or at least talk on the phone for less than a euro per minute.
In a previous post I mentioned that I was feeling ready for a career. Well, I still sometimes think I am, and in this respect Holland is a much better bet than Spain as well.

But after about 6 days of weighing the pros and cons, it still really just comes down to a feeling, the feeling of wanting to go home no matter what the arguments. Part of me feels like I am taking the easy way out, giving up, etc etc, but when I think about it objectively I don’t agree. In fact, I am quite scared of going back to Holland because I know it will be hard!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has already expressed their happiness over my return and the offers of places to stay, airport pickups, meals…it feels great! Donations of winter clothes are very welcome too by the way, and if you have an extra bike, let me know!

And also many thanks to my old and new friends here in Spain, you have helped me a lot and it was great catching up with you!

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