To consume is to exist….

When I was in South America I didn’t feel like I was missing things, or like I wanted to buy stuff all the time. The only things I longed for sometimes where a room for myself, a better command of the Spanish language (ok, this I wished for every day), and maybe a nicer shower.

Back in Holland however, this has changed. Straight away I started noticing that everyone owns só many things. The iPhone for instance, is so normal here that I have friends that wouldn’t want to be seen with it, it’s nothing special anymore. People have iPods, laptops, big plasma tv’s, expensive shoes, jackets, bags, houses, cars, etc etc. You have to be strong not to get tempted. Well, big surprise, I am not that strong.

Things I never knew I needed but now desperately want to own:
– Philips wake-up light
– coloured contact lenses
– Mac desktop computer
– expensive moisturizer
– about 15 pairs of stockings/leggings
– anything else they will give me in exchange for money

I might not be strong enough not to get tempted, so far I have managed to stop myself from actually buying things. But I wonder how much longer I will last…..!

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