There I go again

Yep, there I go again. After four great months in Barcelona (including, since the last post, an attempted robbery, lots of days at the beach, a lot more days at the office, a new apartment etc), and one significantly less hectic month back home I am on the road once again.
I will get into the details about why and for how long some other time (eh, or not), but right now I don’t really trust my brain. After 26,5 hours of travelling so far, with 6,5 still ahead of me, a stomach full of airplane food and a nose full of dried up snot I am feeling….well, quite good actually! But clearheaded? Not really.
I’m writing this post with a view of Auckland harbour to my right (well, I see a lot of water, and I’m at Auckland airport, so I’m assuming it’s the harbour), 8am-Burger King eating Kiwis to my left, and a poster of, what else, a herd of sheep on the wall in front of me. The way to Sydney is long this time, but I mean to visit both New Zealand and Shanghai (my other stop) on the way back. If only to avoid the same long trip again.

For now just a little word of advice to people looking into buying a plane ticket. Do not fly with KLM. Out Royal Dutch Airline is anything but royal, in all respects. Air New Zealand on the other hand was a very pleasant surprise. The steward told me they were second in the world, and are 1st when it comes to leg room. Who knew. Highly recommended!

Aaaah I feel like I’m on a boat. Is that the jetlag or did they forget to tell us Auckland airport is a floating one?

More from Sydney!

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One Response to There I go again

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mopppiiiiieeeee i luvvvv youuuuHeel veel liefs van een snotterende, hoestende, rochelende, snuifende, stikkend in snot maar lig wel lekker in mijn bedje!!

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