Going places, meeting people

I’m back in Sydney. It’s a very strange experience to travel for 30+ hours and not arrive somewhere that’s new or home. Sydney for me is somewhere in between. I know my way around, I know how things work, I am familiar with the money, know where to buy what, and can hold a perfectly (mutually) understandable conversation with an Australian. But it’s not home, I am not from here, and I don’t have house or a job. Hmm, one might wonder if I have any reason at all to be here…but they might wonder wrong.
I am here to find a sponsored job, but also (and probably more so) to catch up with friends and enjoy everything that makes Sydney such a great city.

So, the sponsorship. Have I got one yet? What do you think?? Highest level psych degree, combined with low level completely unrelated, random work experience and lots of gaps caused be travelling. You and I know that this makes me the perfect candidate for just about any job, but strangely enough, not everyone agrees.
My biggest chance is with Arup, the company I worked for last time I was here. Even though I didn’t really do any challenging work I somehow managed to impress people with my charm and intelligence. This means I got to meet up with two people from Arup for lunch today, to discuss where I might fit in and how to get me there. Paul and Anna were so nice and enthusiastic it was touching. They’d already thought about it and discussed it, and really wanted to find a way to help me. Unfortunately the decision to hire me isn’t up to them, but things have been set in motion and who knows, in time something might come of it.

On top of that, I think they might have made me realise that I really want to go back to social psychology, and more specifically, do more with my training skills. So even if I never get a job with Arup, apart from being really enjoyable, this lunch meeting may well have been very worthwhile.

Whether a sponsorship will materialize or not, it will take time. Time that I am not going to spend here in Sydney doing nothing or doing cash-in-hand waitressing/babysitting jobs because I am not allowed to work here. Instead, I am planning to go to New Zealand soon, and work there on a working holiday visa.
Through Facebook (you got to love it just for this)I found out I know someone who is in Auckland too. He’s really helped me out already with lots of info and even the offer of a room. I think it’s a sign…even though some Australian friends have been trying to convince me that New Zealand is boring and backward and my favourite Kiwi friend hates Auckland….

In the meantime, I am enjoying beaching and swimming (yesterday, and hopefully tomorrow and every day after that), thunderstorms (now), and catching up with all the lovely people I still know here in Sydney. I’ve missed them and it is great to see them again. And it’s sad to think I will probably have to say goodbye again soon. But New Zealand is close, and I’m sure I’ll be back.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go practise my Kiwi vowels: uhm, is that six, sex or sucks?!

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One Response to Going places, meeting people

  1. Sara says:

    Oh jeez… I would die (with laughter) at that six, sex or sucks thing. I'm sure people think the same thing when they hear me. I'm glad you are back blogging. I hope you have a great time in Australia/New Zealand.

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