I like shooting too

New Zealand, country of sheep, kiwifruit, hot guys (or so I have been told), and sheep. Apart from all these wonderful things, New Zealand is also known for it’s amazing natural beauty and crazy adventure sports. Yes, New Zealand is a country for the great outdoors. Dutch people in general are not used to the great outdoors, probably because we don’t have a lot of it, and I especially are not an outdoor thrill seeker. I don’t surf, I don’t do rock climbing, mountain biking (except in Argentina and only downhill), I’ve never tried wake boarding, snow boarding and anything on a board for that matter, and I’ve never found a good reason to try things that involve elastic ropes and high altitudes. Even scuba diving is not for me. I do like snorkelling and I am highly skilled in floating in caribbean waters.

Do I sound boring? Maybe, but I don’t really care. I still consider myself pretty adventurous and cool and I don’t see why my self image should have to relate to reality. I mean, what good would that do?

Seriously though, last week I spent some time in a shop called Ocean Hunter. Why? Because my new flatmate has a hobby called spearfishing. This involves diving without oxygen tanks, a gun (not a spear apparently), and lots of other interesting equipment that I had never heard of. Like a shark shield. Except when I just googled this device I found this result. Aah!

Next up was a little trip up North from Auckland, to a place called Pataua, an almost deserted peninsula with a few houses, boats, and a campsite.
While my flatmate went off to shoot some fish, I thought it would be good if I did something adventurous too, like climb the weird looking hill at the end of the beach. But it was 6.30 in the morning and I quickly abandoned the idea. Instead, I did some shooting that is more my kind, the one that involves a camera. Below are some of the things I shot. Yep, myself too.

and one pic shot on One Tree Hill in Auckland

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3 Responses to I like shooting too

  1. Anonymous says:

    Estas muy guapa en esta foto!….y sin ponytail…..foto facebook please!!BCN misses you!Kisses!!

  2. Elsbeth says:

    Haha, shouldn't yours say something involving snow? I'm sure that would be useful in Chile. Maybe you should just use both, to show how diverse you are!

  3. Sara says:

    "…and I am highly skilled in floating in caribbean waters." I love that line! Can I steal that and put it on my resume? Please!?!

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