Good news

Just a really short update to let you know I finally got my visitor’s permit changed into a working holiday permit. A word of advice for all of you thinking of coming to New Zealand: apply for your visa before you get here. Seems obvious doesn’t it? So you’re wondering why I didn’t do that? Because I am stupid?

Nope. I really tried to complete my work visa application online (I’d already filled in most of it), but I kept getting a pop-up window saying ‘Sorry, this website is currently unavailable’. I then called the immigration office and the girl I spoke to assured me I could just come to New Zealand, get a visitor’s permit at the airport and then change it to a work permit later.

She was right, it can be done. It just takes a lot more time, and the system will automatically ask you to do a full medical exam. To cut a long story short, my application was approved yesterday, and I didn’t have to do a medical.

On a very different note, I am planning a little something for Christmas and my birthday, so please keep checking in because I will post it online soon. Actually, I will be emailing you about it too, so there’ll be no escaping it.

Also, if you are reading this (and I know you are, because well, you’re reading this), I’d love to hear from you through the comment section. Most of you are not too familiar with the blogging world but you’d be surprised what happens out there/in here. (It’s wild man! Or, you know, just fun)

Last but not least, I am entering a competition to win a ticket around the world. Jesus, has she still not travelled enough?! No, I haven’t. I will address this subject soon. For now though, I need your help (read: a mere click of the mouse) to win, so please click here to see the website of my travel agency, TunaFish. The more hits they get via my blog the more chances I have of winning the ticket. I’ll be forever grateful and will bring chocolate/speculaas/cheese when I visit you on my trip.
Don’t worry though, this blog is not all for personal gain. The Christmas/birthday thing involves this competition but also something else, so stay tuned!

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3 Responses to Good news

  1. Maartje Smit says:

    Because you like reacties: here's mine!!Tuna Fish is a nice website but not sure what to do with it….We have to talk bout my trip to N-Zealand in March so lets catch up soon!! xx Maartje

  2. Sara says:

    Whoa. So I just checked out that website and everything is in DUTCH! I understood a bit from like German and stuff but "TunaFish geeft je graag advies over de mogelijkheden!" ? I think I want one of those too…

  3. Sara says:

    Glad to know that your visa process went smoothly. Oh bureaucracy. Gotta love it.What? A blog that isn't for personal gain? What is this that you speak of? :p

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