Riches to rags

So turns out a lot of you are the generous type and gave me money to donate to the Liliane Foundation, which is really great to see. As checking to total balance involved me checking my bank account and I had the feeling that would not make for a pleasant day I have been putting off getting back to you. But apparently ignoring your problems doesn’t make them any smaller (damm, I was doing such a good job!). What does help then? Confronting them? Let’s try something a bit more buddhist: acknowledge and accept. Yes, acknowledge that my funds are dwindling, that people gave me lots of money, and accept that I cannot use that money for myself.
Ah, if only I were that strong!

Only joking (though it was very tempting I must say): the grand total is 160 euros (none of that worthless NZ dollar shit in this case), and I just transferred all of it to Liliane. Thanks to all of you who contributed, and as you know I believe good things come from doing good things, so watch out! Either way I’m sure we’ve helped a few kids get a slightly better life.

As for me, yes, my finances seem to have fallen off a cliff. A cliff with a beautiful viewof Queenstown, the lake and the mountains, but it was a bit of a drop nonetheless.

But whatever, who’s interested in my finances anyway. Acknowledged, accepted, next! (This next might be a phone call to the parents…)
In the way the world seems to work though, I’ve been meeting exactly the people I needed to meet, giving me guided tours, massages, meals with parents and haircuts, not to mention positive energy, insights and stimulating conversation. So it’s safe to say I’ve finally shaken off my Auckland depression (brought on by a variety of events better left unmentioned) and am now floating around in a state of bliss.
Until I remember I have no money that is, but that is a situation I can and will work on, and which will sort itself out soon. Queenstown is full of super low-paid jobs for money-deprived travelers like myself and I managed to get one of the best-paid ones around, selling clothes at Quiksilver. Only 12 days until payday, yahoo!

In the meantime, I hope that everyone that has been making me feel happier has gotten something back from me in one way or another or will do so in the future. I mean, watching that Swedish film where someone gets raped in the ass was so enjoyable, I’m sure my friends in Dunedin were delighted I talked them into seeing it and now feel culturally enriched. If not, I’ll buy you some beers next time I’m there!

My laptop died so it’s been a bit more difficult lately, but I hope to blog again soon…

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One Response to Riches to rags

  1. Sara says:

    I wondered what had happened to you girl. Glad to know you are doing okay. I totally understand the money thing. I mean. I. really. REALLY. understand. It seems like we always end up working so much harder in a country that is not our own. Doesn't it?

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