I’ve got a laptop again. After serious in-depth research of about 3 hours I decided to just wave the credit card and splash out. No, that doesn’t mean I bought something fancy, it means I bought the cheapest available netbook, but that’s still a MAJOR splash-out for me these days.
Anyway, after two months without a computer I’ve gotten used to not having one, and I am not really sure what to do with it anymore. But I trust it will all come back to me soon. Next up is finding free WiFi, which on a Sunday in a sleepy Christchurch suburb (by the beach!) seems pretty much impossible. But since the library is open again tomorrow and I’ve got the whole day to myself, a new blogpost might just be on the horizon.
Next dilemma: do I take this laptop with me to Tonga or not…? Ah, life is full of difficult choices.

See ya tomorrow!

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One Response to Connected

  1. Sara says:

    Congrats on the netbook. I have one and I love it! Oh, my new blog address is

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