Scottish men have it all

When I was still in Beijing I was having drinks with two Dutch guys and we were discussing our interesting experiences with toilets in China. Without going into too much detail, these toilets tend to be different from Western ones, and can take some getting used to. One of my Dutch friends remarked “I’m so glad to be guy”, and in response I agreed that men definitely have it easier when it comes to toilets, but also added that I was still glad to be a girl.
This then caused my friends to ask me with genuine interest what I thought were the advantages of being a woman instead of a man. I enthusiastically opened my mouth, confidently thinking a passionate, eloquent, persuasive speech would flow out.

“Well, it’s so much better because we…..(damn, that’s not true). At least we can…..(no, not really), well, we, we….*&&^$^%#@@???!!!!”

For every flimsy reason that I did manage to produce after the initial struggle, the guys easily argued why it didn’t really hold. Me: “We can talk about everything”, them: “So can we if we want to, but why would you even want to all the time anyway”? Me: We have more feelings”, them: “And that’s an advantage how….?” Good point.

Now I know that some women will say that we can give birth, and that that’s an important advantage to being a woman. This might be the case in their mind, but I strongly suspect that most men don’t feel disadvantaged that they cannot have babies, and wouldn’t want to swap with us. My friends certainly named this one of the biggest disadvantages of being a woman, and I agree with them. So although I am sure a lot of women feel privileged, I was looking for things that even men would agree on. As you can imagine the whole conversation left me feeling a bit sorry for myself and other women.

But then, just when we were almost done with the topic, I jokingly said (because I was wearing one): “At least we can wear dresses when it’s hot!”. And, amazingly, they both agreed this was definitely something they were jealous of sometimes.

Following this logic the best thing in life would be to be a man and be able to wear a dress. So I have decided to create so much good karma that in my next life, I will be reincarnated as a wee Scotsman.

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4 Responses to Scottish men have it all

  1. Fabian says:

    Mhhh… this story sounds familiar to me… 😉
    …glad to hear that we were so convincing…

  2. Sara Beck says:

    Hahah! I get into debates like this all the time with L. Oh, may the battle of the sexes continue!

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